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Polls and politicians I do not trust. I also don’t trust the upcoming federal election because there’s way too much corruption going on behind closed doors as it is. Canada’s fate literally hangs in the balance, a fate that could have been avoided if Stephen Harper didn’t spend 2006 onward driving this poor nation into it’s grave in the manner he did.


More people need to open up their eyes and pay closer attention to each of these parties and quite frankly, I don’t believe a single party government, along with the Prime Minister, is the answer to helping this country survive and thrive anymore.


A Round Table System where the leader of each party has an equal voice and the public, who are informed about each discussion each time there is one held, also gets to cast a vote. However, the public don’t just get “a” vote.  They automatically get the deciding vote and this would be a voting system done by telephone or cell phone only.

Canada has too much at stake now to rely on a single leader or a single party. Too much is going on in the world today where we can no longer afford to allow one person, nor a tiny handful of people to decide what direction Canada should go.


Right now the majority of the people in this country feel betrayed. Many don’t vote because they see all of politics as a huge joke that deserves to be ridiculed, not elected. Many don’t vote because they believe the polls and election results are rigged anyway. Time and time again the (more recent) politicians have favored corporate bullies over the everyday citizen of this nation. On so many levels, the people of this nation have been wronged and that needs to stop.

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The only way this can be effectively done is to realize we need to change our our political makeup is made. No more Prime Minister. No more majority of the house nor minority.

It should be a more equalized system so that everybody has what they deserved all along but never got; AN EQUAL VOICE!


It can be done and it’s way easier to do than one would realize.

In the Round Table system, each party leader would be equals, but despite all the discussions between them (live and on air) the public get final say of what road a decision should take. This is OUR country and it belongs in OUR hands. Many have forgotten this and although one would say it’s OUR decision to vote a Prime Minister. Yes it is, but the majority of the decisions our current prime minister has made has not been in the favor of the people who voted him into power in the first place. So, honestly, how does this make him an effective leader? The truth of the matter is it does not. He has let this country down and he is not alone. Every politican that has failed to realize the political system we have right now is no longer working has also let this country down by not making a genuine effort to fix a problem that will only get worse if it remains ignored.

In the Round Table system there’d be equal voices to appoint various ministers and even there, no single person would have that job. In other worse, there would be no official Minister of Defense. It would become a Round Table Caucus of Defense where it’d be set up the same way as the party leader set up. The same would be said regarding the Department of Agriculture. No white collar guy should ever be deciding the fate of Canada’s most important industry (it’s agriculture, people, not oil) as this should be decided by a collection of trusted members of the farming community who actually listen to all the farmers of this nation instead of turning his back on them.


The Canadians deserve Canada back. This won’t happen until there’s true change. What I see now, based on the polls is the stupid revolving door ride everybody seems to be too afraid to escape from.

revolving-doorRevolving-Door (1)

In order for Canada to work as the nation it deserves to be it needs to kick the corporations out of power and remind them that those corporations never would have become as successful as they have without the people (blindly) supporting them.  Also, any laws that have been introduced and passed for the benefit of banks and corporations over people would be automatically abolished and it’s fate would be final.  We “disposable puppets” as many of the CEO’s like to call us, allowed them to get to where they are and we should be in a position where we can allow them to either quit their position without pension or answer to the crimes against humanity they’ve committed in the name of profit.  If found guilty (and the Canadians would be the judge, not some appointed goof that could be just as every bit corrupt as the culprit) that CEO and his board of directors would be fired and subject to prosecution according to the final decisions made by the favored public vote.  The position of CEO and board of directors of the corporation that CEO represents would then be subject for review by all of it’s employees, right to the bottom floor, as well as the Canadian People who’d be allowed to review all documentation associated with that particular corporation.  The corporation wouldn’t be shut down immediately.  Truth be told, not one corporation would function without the bottom floor employees, all the way to the executives who actually do work for the best interest of the company and their consumers.  It is they that deserve the big bucks and the recognition.  Not the CEOs nor the board of directors, despite the fact that they probably did climb their way to the top floor, but all too often in so doing they’ve forgotten to take their humanity with them as they continued to ascend.


In this Round Table System, the banks would also feel the wrath of the Canadians as they are often every bit as corrupt as the corporations themselves.  In fact, banks ARE corporations and should be dealt with in the same manner.  It is my firm believe that the monetary system we have right now is failing.  There is a new monetary system coming into play now that will crush both Canada and America if they don’t jump off the sinking ship they’re on now.


My Round Table idea is all about community.  This is what Canada lost over the years and desperately needs to get back.  A strong community consists of people, despite their differences, that work together for the same common goal.  Morally, that common goal should be focused on health, prosperity, spirituality and family.  Ideally, that community would be run by a Round Table System as well, where everybody in that town decides it’s every little move no matter what it is.  Of that community they can appoint someone to represent them into a larger scheme where those chosen from other communities meet somewhere larger and cast their vote based on what the people they’ve represented told them to do.

Here is an illustration of what I had in my head.  Please excuse the source as True Canadian Alliance as this was based off a fictional (more like dream) political book I have going that I’ve started to write, but haven’t finished yet.


Each step, however, must be aired via television with live representatives so that everybody can keep watch on what’s going on.  This is the right for every human being as it is their fate that’s at stake here.  It should never be about the fate of a tiny handful of people who usually put their own interests ahead of those they’re supposed to represent.

In order to make the world work, we first have to focus on how to make our own community work.
In order to make the world work, we first have to focus on how to make our own community work.

It is my sincere hope that one day we realize something like this.  I keep dreaming about it and praying for it.  Iceland has done this.  Those who’ve been watching and realize they want this too are striving for it.  It blows my mind away that for as liberal a nation as Canada is supposed to be that we haven’t begun taking steps to head in this direction too.  Our lives literally depend on it, not just as Canadians, but as human beings who really need to find our way back to our roots.

dump-harper 600_323702502

Only by acting and working together can we save our communities.  Only by acting and working together can we save our country.  Only by acting and working together can we save ourselves and our families.  God (don’t care if you believe in him or not) didn’t put us here to belly up and let the evils of this world rule over us.  We’re here by design and we’re here to work together and live together as one huge, loving family.  This cannot be achieved if we continue (blindly) flying down this stupid path we’re on now.  Kill the revolving door of madness and kill the corruption before it kills us.



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